Concept - Branding

The vision of Fashion Park is to connect the potential customer with the brand and convert him/her into marketing executive on social media. The Public Participative Promotional Campaign model has following key features.

The net crazy generation gets interesting stuff to post in the form of photos and videos with brand backdrop, which helps to keep them in limelight of social media. One happy customer circulates message in 500 contacts (Direct and forwarded).
Circulation on social media initiates discussion on brand/concept.
The brand gets new fresh faces and lots of digital material with all copyrights.
The collected digital material can be used for almost a year ahead.
A positive image is built in the minds of all participants for the brand
A happy participant works as a brand ambassador.

Through this PPPC model (Public Participative Promotional Campaign) we can reach out to more than 1 lakh customers instantly that too with the personal touch and a sense of ownership and loyalty among all participants.
In today’s fast paced digital world, the advertisement material is circulated or forwarded on social media under two circumstances only.

If the digital material has some celebrity or celebrity message.
If the digital material contains something about myself.

The first option is a costly business.
The second is very effective and ensures complete value for money for brand and brand promoter.

Proudly Campaigned For :


Indrayani handlooms is a brand of Maharashtra State Handloom Corporation. The unit operates under commissionerate of Textile, Government of Maharashtra.



Tanishq is a jewellery brand of India. It is a division of Titan Company, a company promoted by the Tata Group in collaboration with the (TIDCO). Mr. Vivekanand Prasad, Area Business Manager (Central India) Tanishq, was present for the show.


Royal Wardrobe

Royal Wardrobe is a creative venture of a well educated women entrepreneur, Mrs. Nadiya Pande. MBA (fin) Total Quality Management – TQM, with 5 years of Banking Experience, Mrs Nadiya has started the venture to fulfill the market requirement of classy fashion for every pocket.



Dining out at the Habitat presents a great opportunity to unwind, relax and enjoy a delicious meal in a great atmosphere. Very beautiful and lovely place. In the middle of nature. Food is excellent. The ambiance is wonderful. Great place to visit with family and friends.


Technocraft - Complete Solutions

Quality product , Quality people and Quality service the three vital ingredient which makes a company renowned, are available at TechnoCraft Complete Solution. We are one of the leading company to provide complete industrial solutions at one stop.


K-Innovations: RnD For Health Care

K INNOVATIONS provide all the services needed to bring your idea into reality. We are an innovation/invention facilitation forum. We wish to help the innovators/ innventors by providing them services like IP Protection, Brainstorming, Prototype Building, Institutional Support, Media Support etc.


Atulesh Convent High School

Our Vision is to make a only school in Central India , that will revolutionize education by implementing International Teaching Practices making learning Enjoyable & Engaging for every child and creating Active Learners who will transform their lives by educating their minds and soul.


Jeevak Gajbhiye - Photography

“If the photographer is interested in the people in front of his lens, and if he is compassionate, it’s already a lot. The instrument is not the camera but the photographer.” — Eve Arnold


Anmol-Ketan (Fashion Choreography)

Being friends from many years,we are working together in this fashion industry. We saw how complementary our skill sets were and how successful we could be professionally as a team.  We shared vision and goals of making shows aesthetically prim, proper and perfect with a passion for fashion.


Embedded Creation

Embedded Creation is a company dedicated to innovation and creativity. Since its birth in year 2000, company has successfully completed various research based innovative assignment of Social, National and Educational importance. We have successfully developed few health care products for renowned physicians.


RIVA LABS - 3D Printing

3D Printing is a process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many successive thin layers of a material. It brings a digital object (its CAD representation) into its physical form by adding layer by layer of materials.


Euro Kids - Pre School

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein