Concept - Branding

The vision of Fashion Park is to connect the potential customer with the brand and convert him/her into marketing executive on social media. The Public Participative Promotional Campaign model has following key features.

The net crazy generation gets interesting stuff to post in the form of photos and videos with brand backdrop, which helps to keep them in limelight of social media. One happy customer circulates message in 500 contacts (Direct and forwarded).
Circulation on social media initiates discussion on brand/concept.
The brand gets new fresh faces and lots of digital material with all copyrights.
The collected digital material can be used for almost a year ahead.
A positive image is built in the minds of all participants for the brand
A happy participant works as a brand ambassador.

Through this PPPC model (Public Participative Promotional Campaign) we can reach out to more than 1 lakh customers instantly that too with the personal touch and a sense of ownership and loyalty among all participants.
In today’s fast paced digital world, the advertisement material is circulated or forwarded on social media under two circumstances only.

If the digital material has some celebrity or celebrity message.
If the digital material contains something about myself.

The first option is a costly business.
The second is very effective and ensures complete value for money for brand and brand promoter.

Proudly Campaigned For :

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Fashion Planet

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