College students at risk

The 2011 Cisco Connected World Technology Report asked students and young professionals in 14 countries about their media consumption habits and impact on the workplace.

Cisco surveyed 1,441 college students in age group of 18- to 24-year and about 1,400 young professionals in their 20s.

More than half of the college students and young professionals said, “they could not live without the Internet, it is an integral part of their daily life.”

Cyber crime has now surpassed illegal drug trafficking as a criminal moneymaker.

Somebody’s identity is stolen every 3 seconds as a result of cyber crime.

Without a sophisticated security package, your unprotected PC can become infected within four minutes of connecting to the Internet.

Currently, according to in depth statistics, there are more than 1.6 billion social network users worldwide with more than 64% of internet users accessing social media services online. Moreover, social networking is one of the most popular ways for online users to spend their time, and a preferred way to stay in contact with friends and families.

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