Make India's Future Safe

A survey conducted by Norton (an anti-malware software brand from the house of Symantec), 52 per cent of the children in India are victims of cybercrime and other online negative situations. About 18 per cent of your aged children accepted that they are bullied online.

As far as gender ratios go, according to the Cyber bullying Research Center, an online resource, “Adolescent girls are significantly more likely to have experienced cyber bullying in their lifetimes (40.6% vs. 28.2%).”

It is important for you the future of India and your parents as well, to understand the seriousness of the problem and help and protect upcoming generation.

Worryingly, 84 per cent of the parents surveyed in the country said they did not think their children were being bullied online. While the Norton study noted that, “70 per cent [of the] children surveyed did say they reached out to their parents when they experienced anything negative online”

This clearly means that parents still need to educate themselves and provide confidence to their children to share their bad online experiences with them or another adult.